About the Artist

Maria LegostaevaHello,

My name is Maria Legostaeva.

Like many others, I like art. I like beautiful things, beautiful houses. I like beauty in our life, in every day of it.

After studying at the Art School, I graduated from the Tver Art College after A.G.Venezianov and then from the Moscow State University of Service. More recently I studied at the School of Fashion by a fashion historian Alexander Vasiliev and got an Interior Decoration diploma from the Moscow International Design School. I keep up this path of self-development. This journey keeps me motivated throughout my life.

What else do I like? I like theatre very much. I take my inspiration and energy from my travels and I try to convert my impressions into objects in my life. This project is not an exception here.

All my knowledge brought me to a point where I wanted to create interesting, beautiful, memorable things and share them with others.

My slogan is “Impossible is possible!” Don’t be afraid of your wishes and bring them to your life!

That’s why I invite you to browse the sections of this site where you can view and purchase the artworks hand made by me. There are also nice and convenient items featuring these artworks: mugs, t-shirts, pillows, towels and even phone cases.